Identify Your Strengths to Boost Career Growth

20. How to Identify Your Strengths to Boost Career Growth

January 29, 2024

Identifying Strengths — Secrets of the Corporate Game — Episode 20 

By identifying and developing one’s strengths, you are capable of achieving greatness. Yet, while knowing your strengths is great, it is equally important to know when to use them. Today, Kendall Berg ​​discusses the importance of identifying and utilizing one’s strengths to advance your career. She emphasizes the need for pattern recognition and evaluating the behaviors that lead to high levels of achievement. Kendall also suggests using a leadership evaluation assessment with 20 key strengths to assess oneself and gather feedback from others. 

Kendall highlights the significance of communication and collaboration skills for career growth, regardless of job or seniority level. She shares her experience of realizing the importance of soft skills after receiving negative feedback about her lack of collaboration and connection with colleagues and what she did to improve.

Building the Habit of Pattern Recognition

Identifying your strengths involves recognizing patterns in your behavior that lead to high achievement. It’s challenging, as individuals often possess tunnel vision when evaluating themselves. Kendall suggests using a leadership evaluation assessment, focusing on 20 critical skills essential for success in any career. These include high integrity, technical and professional expertise, problem-solving abilities, learning agility, and more.

Building Your Personal Brand: A Career Game-Changer

Once you’ve identified your strengths, it’s time to build a personal brand around them. Your personal brand is how you talk about yourself and how you want others to perceive you. Language is a powerful tool, and articulating your strengths consistently helps shape how others perceive your contributions. Kendall emphasizes the importance of acknowledging your strengths, especially in cross-functional meetings.

Episode Highlights

  • 3:00 Using a leadership evaluation assessment to identify strengths
  • 7:00 Focusing on building strengths
  • 9:30 Understanding differing perceptions of strengths
  • 11:30 The importance of soft skills
  • 13:58 Building collaboration and communication skills
  • 16:38 The power of personal branding

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