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22. I Answer the Corporate Questions You are Afraid to Ask

February 12, 2024


Want a bit of unfiltered corporate advice? Navigating the corporate landscape is a complex journey filled with challenges; sometimes you have questions but no one to ask them to. Today, Kendall Berg answers the top corporate questions that listeners have summited to her website,

Picking Your Career Path: A Lattice, Not a Ladder

The first question delves into the daunting task of choosing a career path, especially in times of uncertainty and layoffs. The truth is, your career isn’t necessarily a linear ascent but more like a lattice – it’s okay to switch directions. Kendall Berg shares personal experiences, emphasizing the importance of understanding your skills and passions. Three passion statements can be your compass, guiding you to roles that align with what truly fulfills you.

Career Conversations: Navigating Overworked and Undervalued Situations

The second question explores the challenge of discussing overwork and undervaluation with a senior team member. That Career Coach advises reframing the conversation, focusing on presenting solvable problems rather than just highlighting issues. Additionally, promoting self-advocacy and consistently showcasing your achievements to your boss can help bridge the gap between perception and reality.

Tackling Micromanagement and Seizing Opportunities

Question three raises concerns about a manager’s excessive control and favoritism towards a peer. The solution involves building a strong relationship with the intimidating higher-up (the ‘scary leader’) and proactively identifying growth opportunities. The advice includes internal networking, exploring cross-functional teams, and continuous personal development while seeking a new role externally.

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