25. How To Build Consistent Career Confidence with Carolanne Hoffman

March 4, 2024


Embarking on a successful career journey requires more than just skills and qualifications, it also takes confidence. However, if you lack self-confidence, it doesn’t mean that your career is already defined. Confidence is not an innate, fixed characteristic. It’s an ability that you can improve over time. Today, Kendall Berg chats with career coach Carolanne Hoffman, founder of Be Polished Talent, they discuss how you can boost your confidence at work, through strategies that will get you on the right track.

Navigating Career Roller Coasters: Taking Control of Your Responses for Success

In the tumultuous ride of a career, there are days when you feel like you’ve conquered the peak, only to face a sudden descent. Carolanne explains how external factors and unpredictable circumstances are part of the journey, but what sets you apart is how you respond. Whether it’s colleagues having good or bad days, a company navigating highs or lows, or even personal aspects like family dynamics or weather changes, your response is a powerful tool. You are in control of how you react to these variables. Embracing this autonomy allows you to shape your narrative, creating a new checklist of intentional responses. Over time, this intentional approach becomes a skill set, leading to a transformative shift in your career journey.

Mastering Your Reaction Style: Tactical Practices for Effective Communication

Whether you tend to shut down in the face of conflict or carefully craft your emails to strike the right tone, understanding your natural reaction style is key to professional growth. Kendall and Carolanne reflect on how your reaction tendencies are a crucial first step. How well do you know yourself when it comes to responding to challenges, tense situations, or personal missteps?

Taking a cue from Carolanne, consider implementing tactical practices to check and refine your communication style. For instance, adopting a waiting period before sending a potentially impactful email can be a game-changer. Building these practices into your daily routine creates a checklist for self-improvement, allowing you to navigate the spectrum of communication styles with confidence.

Unleashing Confidence: Transformative Tactics for Meeting Success

Carolanne Hoffman provides actionable advice, emphasizing a mindset shift from “if” to “when.” A vocal advocate of the “fake it till you make it” approach, the key lies in genuine intentions and a relentless pursuit of success. She sheds light on a game-changing tool—the Brag Book. More than a professional portfolio, it becomes a confidence-boosting cue, reinforcing one’s ability to excel, and showcasing accomplishments and personal qualities. Tailored for introverts, it serves as a compass, guiding individuals to articulate themselves confidently, especially in the dynamic realm of meetings.

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Episode Highlights

  • 3:56 Importance of Having a Game Plan and Next Steps
  • 5:37 Taking Messy Action and Learning from Feedback
  • 9:17 Steps for Career Development
  • 14:06 Overcoming Challenges in Speaking Up
  • 18:23 Building Confidence and Progress Checklists
  • 23:11 Time Management and Productivity
  • 29:23 Reflection and Articulation in Communication
  • 36:01 Balancing Work and Personal Life
  • 39:02 Weekly Confidence Challenges and Resources

About Carolanne Hoffman

Motivated to empower professionals to confidently take that next step in their journey by providing quality resources, Carolanne founded Polished Talent. With a background in career development, human resources, and tech, Carolanne brings hands-on experience and insights to guide individuals through various career milestones including resume and LinkedIn optimization, confidence with personal branding and impactful conversations, plus goal setting and organization-based practices. Promoted 3 times in less than 3 years, her expertise is trusted by college students to C-Suite executives, evident in the 100% 5-star reviews on all products and bundles. Inspired to extend her audience, in less than one year, Polished Talent became an Etsy Star Seller and created a viral Instagram reach of over 2M accounts to showcase its commitment to providing relatable and valuable insights for professional growth.

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