Set Career Goals for 2024

17. A Roadmap to Success: Set Career Goals for 2024

January 8, 2024


The dawn of a new year brings new goals, most of us already set fitness goals and made plans to join a gym or a book club. But what about your career? Having control of your work life and finances is just as important. Kendall Berg explains how having clear objectives provides the roadmap necessary to achieve your career aspiration.

Take the initiative to set professional goals

In our professional lives, setting goals is essential to advancing our careers and feeling fulfilled by our jobs. When you plan out in advance your professional future, it can ultimately help you negotiate a raise or get a promotion a little easier.

Episode’s Highlights

  • 1:25 Thinking holistically about career development
  • 3:55 Personal development goals
  • 6:00 Aligning your goals with the company’s objectives
  • 10:32 Defining Key Performers Indicators (KPIs)
  • 14:24 Presenting your goals to your manager
  • 22:54 Managing your team’s expectations

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