Become the CEO of your career

18. What You Need to Know to Become the CEO of Your Career with Tammy Alvarez 

January 15, 2024

Become The CEO of Your Career — Secrets of the Corporate Game — Episode 18 

Career progression is no longer linear. Many of us joined the workforce with the hope that we had the potential to achieve success and climb the corporate ladder. However, more often than not, we feel held back. Today, Kendall chats with Tammy Alvarez, a seasoned Wall Street executive turned career coach, and shares her transformative journey from the corporate grind to a fulfilling life on her terms.

Escaping the Career Trap: A Journey to Career Fulfillment

Tammy Alvarez emphasizes the importance of proactively checking in with your career, challenging your initial trajectory, and evaluating whether your goals still align with your purpose. She advises individuals to embrace a tactical exercise in defining success, considering seasonality in their careers, and understanding their risk tolerance.

Breaking the Rules: CEO of You, Incorporated

Tammy challenges five common career lies, including the belief that changing careers at a senior level requires giving up hard-earned accomplishments. She introduces the concept of being the CEO of “You, Incorporated,” urging individuals to treat their careers as businesses, make strategic decisions, and negotiate from a position of strength.

Episode Highlights 

  • 7:08 The seasonality of careers and how goals can shift over time.
  • 9:43 Finding and following one’s passion in their career.
  • 14:03 Break traditional career.
  • 18:02 Becoming the CEO of your career.
  • 25:12 Escaping the career trap.

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About Tammy Alvarez 

Tammy Alvarez, the author of “Escaping the Career Trap: Transform Your Apathy into Ambition and Never Hate Mondays Again”. She is also the CEO and founder of Career Winners Circle, which offers a comprehensive collection of coaching and training programs designed to help leaders grow their careers quickly and sustainably. 

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