Tips To Build a Network

27. Is Networking The Best Way To Advance in Your Career? 5 Tips To Build a Network

March 18, 2024


One of the most important things you can do to advance your career is to build a strong network. Yet, many people struggle or have no idea how to network effectively. It’s not about collecting a ton of business cards from influential people, it’s about the quality of those relationships. Kendall Berg shares tips on how to manage strained work relationships by fostering open dialogues to understand different perspectives. The importance of creating platforms for constructive conversations could enhance collaboration in challenging situations. 

Building your “Influencer List” for effective networking

It all starts with building your influencer list. Whether you’re aiming for a promotion, seeking mentorship, or expanding your network, identifying and connecting with key influencers within your company is essential. The focus should be on maintaining relationships over time, fostering personal connections with colleagues, mutual learning, and regular communication with key contacts for long-term career growth.

Begin by creating an Excel document and listing the names of individuals who hold sway in your organization. Consider factors such as seniority, power, and exposure to determine their influence level. Then, prioritize your top contacts and schedule one-on-one coffee chats with the most influential figures. By strategically cultivating relationships with influencers, you’ll pave the way for future career growth and opportunities. Start your journey today and watch your professional network flourish.

Nurturing Connections

The key lies in intentional networking practices that prioritize sustained relationships and mutual support. Kendall provides practical advice for career development through intentional networking practices. She stresses the importance of sustained relationships, mutual learning, and support in fostering personal connections. By emphasizing regular communication and constructive conversations, Kendall gives listeners tangible strategies for enhancing social skills and long-term career success through effective networking.

Beyond Transactions: Cultivating Lasting Connections in Networking

In the world of networking, fostering relationships goes beyond immediate needs—it’s about continuous personal connection and engagement. Kendall Berg highlights the importance of maintaining these connections by proactively engaging with contacts on a regular basis. She encourages listeners to shift their focus from solely seeking job opportunities or pursuing professional interests to building supportive relationships grounded in mutual learning and support.

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Episode Highlights

  • 02:00: Focus on email and meeting etiquette as foundational social skills.
  • 05:00: Key points on developing social skills, such as email communication and meeting etiquette.
  • 10:05: Emphasizing the importance of networking and social skills for career growth.
  • 11:37: Tips on how to connect with colleagues for networking purposes.
  • 12:19: Strategies for initiating one-on-one coffee chats to expand professional relationships.
  • 17:24: Step-by-step guide to creating an influencer list for networking within the organization.
  • 24:25: Importance of discussing common interests with network connections to foster relationships.
  • 26:14: Benefits of networking plans in gaining insights into company opportunities and growth.

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