28. How To Find A Career That You Are Passionate About with Theresa White

March 25, 2024


Employees constantly fall in and out of love with their jobs for many reasons, including a lack of passion. The absence of career enthusiasm can make a workday feel like a lifetime, and ultimately, you’ll end up feeling burnt out and unhappy with your job. Kendall Berg and Theresa White discuss what it takes to find your passion and how that can lead to changing jobs, leaping into new careers, or launching a new business. As well as why undergoing these professional makeovers can help you reconnect with yourself.

Moving Beyond the Corporate Vertical Ladder

it’s common to feel pressured to prioritize financial gain or professional advancement over personal fulfillment. However, there’s wisdom in staying true to oneself, even if it means diverging from the traditional path of climbing the corporate ladder. Rather than viewing career progression as a linear ascent, it’s essential to recognize that opportunities for growth can manifest in unexpected directions.

The Role of the Sparketype Assessment in Career Clarity

Theresa stressed self-discovery for professional satisfaction. She introduced the Sparketype assessment tool by Jonathan Fields, revealing individuals’ work motivations.

Teresa showcased success stories illustrating how understanding one’s Sparketype can drive mindset shifts and career decisions. One client found relief by recognizing her anti-Sparketype, freeing her from roles that drained her. Another client utilized her primary Maven type for deeper client relationships, increasing success and job satisfaction.

Prioritizing Happiness: Taking Steps Towards a Fulfilling Career

Life is too precious to spend it unhappy at work. With the average person spending a significant portion of their week on the job, it’s crucial to prioritize finding a career path that brings genuine satisfaction.

Whether it’s taking small steps towards a new career, making changes within your current role, or pursuing advancement opportunities, every individual deserves to find work that resonates with their passions and values. By taking the time to assess your sparketype—the unique combination of skills and interests that drive personal fulfillment—you can gain valuable insights into potential career paths that align with your strengths and aspirations.

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Episode Highlights

  • 02:52: Importance of gaining clarity in career goals and strengths.
  • 05:06: Top struggle for women — translating skills and accomplishments into a career path.
  • 09:29: Discussion on utilizing Sparketype results for career advancement.
  • 12:17: Understanding the role of a trusted advisor in career fulfillment.
  • 22:47: Structured and organized approach to coaching and career programs.

About Theresa White

Theresa White is the founder of Career Bloom and the creator of the career clarity formula. Tapping into her background as a corporate recruiter, she helps women use their existing skills to find their ideal careers! Since 2020 she’s helped hundreds of women transition out of purposeless and unfulfilling jobs and find fulfilling, meaningful, and energizing work aligned with who they are.

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