Midlife Career Makeover

29. Midlife Career Makeover: Pivoting to Your Dream Job with Aneace Haddad

April 1, 2024

 midlife career transition — SECRETS OF THE CORPORATE GAME — EPISODE 29

Reinventing yourself mid-career is possible, in fact, more people are seizing the opportunity to change jobs and live out professional dreams. On today’s episode, Kendall Berg chats with mindful leadership coach and author, Aneace Haddad. They discuss valuable insights into the power of mindfulness in leadership, embracing personal transformation, and navigating culture change, all vital skills for today’s leaders.

Shifting Perspectives: A New Era of Possibilities

It’s time to break free from outdated norms and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead. No longer are we constrained by the notion of a finite career; instead, we’re empowered to pursue our passions, chase our dreams, and leave a lasting impact on the world.

The Midlife Advantage: Context and Connection

One key insight that emerged from the discussion with Aneace Haddad and Kendall is the power of context in leadership. As we age, our brains become adept at making connections and discerning patterns, thanks to years of accumulated knowledge and experience. This ability to see the bigger picture and anticipate outcomes becomes a superpower in midlife, enabling leaders to inspire and guide their teams with confidence and clarity.

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Episode’s Highlights

  • 1:19 Unleashing the Potential of Midlife
  • 7:16 The Impact of Midlife Transformation
  • 13:06 Importance of caring about employees as people rather than just data.
  • 14:24 Challenges faced by leaders during midlife.
  • 22:27: Empowering and inspiring leadership during midlife.
  • 24:41: Importance of developing communication and presentation skills.
  • 30:12: Redefining midlife changes as catalysts for growth.
  • 31:09: Tactical advice on leaning into midlife changes

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