Will AI Take Your Job? The Future of Work

30. Will AI Take Your Job? The Future of Work

April 8, 2024


Will artificial intelligence take our jobs? After the launch of ChatGPT, everyone is talking about how AI is reshaping job landscapes, and on today’s episode, Kendall Berg examines the impact of AI on jobs and the economy. She discusses job elimination and growth opportunities. 

Strategizing Career Progression Amidst Automation

Kendall explains the importance of leveraging automation to propel career growth. Certifications in high-demand fields like cloud computing and cybersecurity are touted as invaluable assets in today’s job market. However, AI’s limitations are clear—it can’t replicate human emotions or empathy. Certain jobs, particularly those requiring human interaction, are less susceptible to automation.

The Future of Communication with AI

There’s no denying the integration of ChatGPT input-output type models has significantly enhanced communication efficiency in various professional settings. Many in the corporate world are using it to streamline tasks such as crafting year-end performance reviews and providing constructive feedback to both superiors and subordinates. While it’s essential to proofread and fine-tune the output to match individual styles, there’s no denying the invaluable role ChatGPT plays in facilitating smoother communication within corporate.

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  • 1:24 CHATGPT and human interaction
  • 4:11 Understanding the Impact of AI on Jobs
  • 6:23 Predictions on job roles that may be affected by AI.
  • 10:40 Automation and Limitations of AI
  • 13:24 Jobs that will be automated by AI
  • 18:00 Transitioning from automatable jobs to roles requiring a human touch.
  • 23:00 Strategizing Career Progression Amidst Automation
  • 26:16 Examples of using AI for feedback and communication improvement.

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