Things You Need To Learn Before You Become CEO

32. 5 Things You Need To Learn Before You Become CEO

April 29, 2024


The CEO usually sits at the very top of the career ladder, and for many employees, reaching that position is the ultimate goal. However, some people’s careers take off, while others take longer, on today’s episode Kendall Berg explains that CEOs acquire skills through experience. Kendall emphasizes the value of effective networking, showcasing business acumen, advocating confidently, learning from mistakes, and honing leadership capabilities. 

Effective Workplace Communication: Empowering Interactions with Your Boss

A common misconception is that bosses expect us to have all the answers. However, the reality is different. What bosses truly seek is understanding what you need from them. Simply updating them without context doesn’t add much value. Instead, when discussing a project, it’s crucial to present options. Rather than just stating your actions, outline different approaches with their pros and cons. This showcases your leadership and strategic thinking, empowering your boss to make informed decisions and advocate for you effectively. Providing clarity and optionality not only alleviates their mental load but also fosters a collaborative work environment, strengthening your professional relationship.

The importance of soft skills

Leadership isn’t just about giving orders; it’s about fostering a culture where everyone feels heard and valued. One crucial aspect of this is acknowledging employee input before responding. Often, employees may hesitate to share their opinions if they feel their input isn’t valued. I’ve learned from experience that dismissing input, even unintentionally, can damage morale and hinder collaboration. By acknowledging input first, leaders validate contributions, build trust, and foster a more inclusive workplace.

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  • 02:14: C-suite leaders differentiate themselves by self-awareness and self-advocacy.
  • 06:08: Knowing your strengths and being organized are crucial qualities for C-suite leadership.
  • 08:03: Networking is a key skill for CEOs to develop and optimize over time.
  • 11:52: Understanding how CEOs think and communicate is essential for effective leadership.
  • 15:02: Identifying and addressing skill gaps is crucial for career progression.
  • 17:26: Recognizing opportunities for growth and advancement is essential for professional development.
  • 18:38: Improving communication skills is a common goal for career advancement.
  • 24:44: Utilizing tactics like the rule of threes and clear communication with superiors are key strategies for success.
  • 25:00: Acknowledging before responding is a vital communication skill.
  • 29:45: Strategic upskilling and gap analysis are crucial for achieving CEO-level success.

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