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33. Productivity Flow: How to Optimize Your Time with Emily Guerra

April 29, 2024


Time is everyone’s most valuable and scarce resource, mastering it is not just a skill—it’s a necessity. Some may even go as far as saying that it can be the difference between success and failure. Kendall Berg chats with Emily Guerra, a productivity life coach and the creator of The Productivity Flow, they discuss how they manage their day to optimize their business success and personal lives. Emily shared tips for distinguishing impactful work from busy work using strategies like the 80-20 rule.

Mastering Time Management: Aligning Motivation with Priorities for Productivity

In the quest for productivity, it’s crucial to discern between urgent tasks and genuine priorities. Often, we allow others’ priorities to overshadow our own, leading to a sense of disorientation and inefficiency. Confronting this pattern requires a deep dive into our motivations and priorities. By acknowledging our true motivations and setting clear boundaries, we reclaim control over our time and energy. This shift not only enhances productivity but also fosters a sense of fulfillment. Ultimately, understanding our motivations is the cornerstone of productivity, as it aligns our actions with our aspirations.

Embracing Awareness

In the journey towards productivity, awareness serves as a guiding light. It’s about recognizing the present moment and discerning our responses in real time. While honing this skill requires practice, it grants us the ability to make proactive decisions. Whether it’s resisting the impulse to react hastily to urgent emails or taking a moment to assess available options, cultivating awareness empowers us to choose paths that align with our productivity objectives. This transition from reactive to proactive thinking is transformative, offering us control over our time and enhancing our overall effectiveness.

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About Emily Guerra

Emily Guerra is a Productivity Life Coach and the creator of The Productivity Flow. Her mission is to empower self-employed women to overcome mindset barriers so they can effectively boost their productivity and reach their fullest potential. Through her blogs (and freebies!), 1-1 coaching programs, and online course, Emily unites lessons she’s learned from therapy with the trials and errors of working for herself from home to offer realistic and sustainable ways to boost both productivity and a positive frame of mind.

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