Motherhood VS Career

34. Motherhood VS Career: What It’s Really Like to be a Working Mom

May 6, 2024


Being a mom is hard. Having a successful career is hard. Balancing both at the same time can often feel like you are running an endless marathon. Being a working mom can sometimes feel like no matter how much you achieve professionally or how much you love your family, there’s a voice in your head telling you that you are not doing enough. On today’s episode, Kendall Berg delves into the struggle to achieve an effective work-life balance and the pressure of being the perfect mom that society expects you to be. 

Navigating Parenthood and Corporate Life: Balancing Expectations and Reality

Many working moms find themselves grappling with the elusive pursuit of perfection. It’s a daunting challenge to reconcile the idealized vision of parenting with the stark reality of time constraints and personal limitations. Kendall shares how often her desire to be a beacon of support and love for her children clashes with the harsh truth of exhaustion and overwhelm. The constant juggling act between corporate obligations and familial duties can sometimes leave little room for respite or leisure. It’s a poignant struggle shared by countless working mothers striving to be present for their families while excelling in their careers.

Parenthood and Professional Evolution: Redefining Success

Transitioning into parenthood often sparks a whirlwind of worries for working professionals, particularly women, who fear the impact on their careers. The concerns are vast – from promotions to balancing demanding work hours with parental responsibilities. Kendall discusses her initial skepticism about prioritizing corporate success post-parenthood, only to discover a profound shift in perspective. While her career once defined her identity, the arrival of children illuminated a deeper truth: family reigns supreme.

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  • 00:00 Balancing Work and Personal Identity
  • 03:29: Personal identity being intertwined with your corporate roles.
  • 04:23: Challenges faced when transitioning to a new role as a career coach.
  • 05:20: Importance of separating personal identity from job titles for overall well-being.
  • 08:15: Importance of identifying priorities and hobbies outside of work.
  • 11:32: Challenges faced by working moms in balancing logic and engagement with children.
  • 19:44: Importance of building a support system for managing work and family responsibilities.
  • 26:15: Emphasizing the significance of communication in relationships and support networks.

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