My Husband Interviews Me

39. Couple’s Q&A: My Husband Interviews Me About Life, Goals, and Career Tips

June 10, 2024


We’re flipping the script, That Career Coach’s husband, David, takes over the mic to interview her for the very first time. Join us as we dive deep into a candid and fun conversation about Kendall’s daily routines, the career advice she wishes she’d received earlier, and the goals that keep her motivated.

From personal insights to professional tips, this episode offers a behind-the-scenes look at the life and mind of your host. Whether you’re here for organization tips, career guidance, or just a heartfelt chat between a couple, you won’t want to miss this unique episode.

Bucket Lists, Career Challenges, and Marriage Goals

David, takes over the mic to interview Kendall, diving into her bucket list and career reflections. She shares that while traveling to exotic places like Egypt or Australia are on the list, they feel like imminent plans rather than distant dreams. Her ultimate goal? To enjoy a lifelong marriage. Reflecting on her career, she recounts the challenges faced when she worked at Samsung, which, despite being tough, prepared her for future success. She emphasizes that every challenging job contributes to personal growth and future opportunities.

Our Kids’ Future Jobs and Career Insights

Kendall and David discuss potential careers for their children, imagining their daughter as a confident entrepreneur in a creative field and their son thriving in tech or engineering. Reflecting on their kids’ diverse talents and personalities, the couple shares hopes and dreams for their future. The episode also delves into valuable career advice, emphasizing authenticity and personal growth, making it a must-listen for anyone navigating their professional journey.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:09 Morning routine
  • 4:42 Kendall explains her highly organized Outlook system with multiple folders for different types of emails and projects.
  • 8:17 Best Career Compliment
  • 10:40 Favorite and Least Favorite Interview Questions
  • 15:43 Kendall’s professional bucket list includes becoming a New York Times bestselling author and hitting seven figures in her business.
  • 19:03 Career Advice to Younger Self
  • 20:38 Kendall speculates future careers for her children.
  • 23:36 Advice for Career Coaches