Why Your Career Does Not Define Your Identity

38. Don’t Let Your Job Title Define Your Identity

June 3, 2024


“So, what do you do?” Beyond this simple question lies a complex reality: in our quest for titles, we often overlook the essence of our work and what truly brings us joy. Whether it’s because of how society views certain roles or because of how that position makes us feel. After all, we worked hard to get to where we are. Kendall Berg explains why there’s more to life than working, and there’s more to your identity than your career. 

On today’s Secrets of the Corporate Game episode, Kendall focuses on the importance of refining our identities. She shares tips how we can separate the professional title from your personal lives and build an identity for yourself that you are passionate about. 

The Illusion of Clout: Reassessing Career Priorities Beyond Prestigious Titles

In the pursuit of career advancement, the allure of prestigious titles often masks the true essence of professional fulfillment. Kendall explains that the desire for a specific title can stem from various motivations, one of which is the longing for clout. Whether it’s boasting about one’s status as a director or CEO among friends in affluent circles, the pursuit of clout through job titles can overshadow the genuine satisfaction derived from meaningful work. However, it’s crucial to recognize that a title alone does not command the respect or admiration one seeks.

As harsh as it may sound, many have encountered individuals holding esteemed titles who fail to embody the qualities associated with them. The reality is, a title does not define the essence of a person or their capabilities.

Title-Centric Job Interviews: Emphasizing Skills Over Prestige

In the high-stakes arena of job interviews, the fixation on titles frequently obscures the true essence of one’s capabilities. Whether recounting a progression of titles or aiming for roles with specific designations, the emphasis on titles can overshadow the depth of skills and potential a candidate possesses. Kendall discusses how a job title alone does not define one’s business acumen or ability to deliver impactful work. Therefore, in an interview setting, the ability to detach oneself from the allure of titles is paramount. This allows hiring managers and recruiters to delve deeper into a candidate’s skill set and character, rather than solely relying on superficial markers such as job positions listed on resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 2:30 the importance of separating identity from job titles.
  • 3:05 Wanting a title for higher salary
  • 5:58 Seeking titles for social status and respect.
  • 10:00 Importance of understanding the type of work and skills required for higher titles
  • 17:25 Advice on how to present oneself in interviews without focusing on titles.
  • 20:53 Creating a weekly schedule that includes personal hobbies and work.

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