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37. Navigating Workplace Challenges with That Corporate Lawyer, Henry Nelson-Case

May 27, 2024


Every generation has brought unique characteristics to the workplace. Baby Boomers are known for their work ethic, loyalty, Millennials for their tech-savvy nature and Gen-Z seemed to be redefining the corporate world with their boundaries setting. However, years of corporate culture has led to normalizing certain workplace behaviors.

In today’s episode, Kendall Berg chats with That Corporate Lawyer, Henry Nelson-Case, about how they are using their social media platforms to shed a light and challenge toxic corporate environments. They advocate for workplace wellness, and empower individuals to speak up and demand change.

Generation Gap: Addressing Mental Health Stigma in Corporate Culture

That Corporate Lawyer and Kendall delve into the often taboo topic of mental health in the workplace, particularly concerning millennials and Gen Z. Issues such as job security, rising living costs, and mental health strain are dissected. As well as the challenges younger generations face in expressing their struggles to baby boomer bosses, who may dismiss their concerns as laziness or a lack of work ethics. Henry and Kendall discuss the importance of creating supportive workplace cultures where workers feel empowered to speak up about their mental health without fear of judgment.

The Weight of Constant Availability and Social Media Expectations

Henry and Kendall go over the intricate balance of modern-day pressures, from the demands of hybrid work to the relentless expectations of social media. Henry points out, the convenience of flexible work arrangements comes with the risk of perpetual availability, leading to a constant mental load. How the shift from traditional office setups to remote work blurs the boundaries between personal and professional life, leaving individuals grappling with the weight of unchecked emails and looming deadlines. Moreover, the pervasive culture of hustle and grind perpetuated by social media exacerbates these pressures, fueling anxieties about financial security and societal expectations.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:07 That Corporate Lawyer’s journey
  • 06:40 the impact of content creators on corporate culture and the importance of workplace well-being.
  • 15:03 The risk of always being available and social media expectations.
  • 28:51 the need to challenge toxic corporate behaviors openly to promote a healthier work environment.
  • 31:31 How to build a safe environment for employees to address workplace issues.
  • 35:05 Protecting Mental Health
  • 36:12 conclusion

About Henry Nelson-Case

Henry is a qualified lawyer from the UK, and a newfound influencer as well. He strives to promote the importance of mental health in the workplace and challenges toxic corporate behaviors. On social media, he creates relatable and impactful content that positively touches the lives of all those who have been affected by negative corporate workplace behaviors. Henry is also a co-founder of a company that helps law firms and organizations utilize the benefits of short-form videos. With his personal experience in the corporate world and a passion for mental health awareness, Henry aims to foster a community of people that can openly talk about their experiences and support each other.

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