The Mindset of High Achievers

36. The Mindset of High Achievers: What They Don’t Tell Us

May 20, 2024


That Career Coach, Kendall Berg, answers the corporate questions her listeners have been asking: How to be a high achiever and accomplish goals? Kendall explains that the journey of a high achiever isn’t just about setting lofty goals; it’s about cultivating a mindset geared towards relentless growth and efficiency. High achievers understand the power of habits in shaping their success trajectory. From meticulously planning their days to managing finances with precision, every aspect of their life reflects a commitment to excellence.

Kendall shares with listeners her strategy for optimizing health, wealth, appearance and social interactions. As well as the importance of being kind to oneself and sharing personal perspectives on how to effectively manage time in different areas.

Streamline Your Week: The High Achiever’s Approach to Productivity

By strategically organizing tasks throughout the week, you mitigate the loss of productivity caused by constant task-switching. Kendall explains how designating specific days for different types of tasks, such as content creation on Mondays and client meetings on Tuesdays through Thursdays, ensures a focused and structured workflow. This approach allows her a peace of mind, eliminating the need to constantly juggle priorities. Embracing a disciplined schedule not only enhances efficiency but also frees up valuable mental space to concentrate on essential tasks. Kendall also suggests in the episode that having a clear roadmap outlined in a digital planner, there’s no need to waste energy on remembering every detail.

High Achiever’s Approach to Budgeting and Investing for Long-Term Success

It starts with resetting your financial expectations and gaining a clear understanding of your spending habits. Kendall shares with listeners her meticulous budgeting technique, scrutinizing actual expenditures over optimistic estimates. By creating distinct budget categories for groceries, shopping, dining out, and bills, you establish a solid financial baseline. Investing is another crucial step towards long-term wealth accumulation. While some advocate for prioritizing debt repayment over investing, diversifying your portfolio early on can yield significant returns in the future.

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  • 00:00 Intro Importance of Balancing Multiple Areas of Life
  • 01:25 Optimizing across six key areas as a high achiever.
  • 06:07 fitting health routines into the schedule.
  • 13:39 Financial Management, Kendall recreates her budget and the process involved. Personal Development and Appearance.
  • 16:46 time-saving strategies for personal grooming. Time Management Strategies.
  • 27:27 Time Management Strategies, utilizing a digital planner and time blocking for efficient task management.
  • 31:33 Kendall’s approach to planning weekends.
  • 33:33 The importance of finding personalized strategies for managing time effectively.

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