41. Unlocking Workplace Success: Authentic Communication and Confidence with Ashley Crosby

June 21, 2024


Effective communication is the cornerstone of leadership effectiveness. In today’s episode, Kendall Berg chats with Ashley Crosby who delves into the significance of authenticity and effective communication within the workplace. Throughout the discussion, Ashley shares invaluable advice on how to prepare for meetings, enhance emotional awareness, build confidence in communication, and tailor strategies to different environments.

Ashley introduces the acronym PEP—Preparation, Emotional Awareness, and Presence—as a framework for improving communication. She emphasizes the importance of showing up to meetings well-prepared, reading the room accurately, and being fully present, whether in person or virtually. 

Communication Strategies for Introverts and Extroverts

Kendall and Ashley dive into the art of staying present and the challenges of leading effective meetings in today’s multitasking world. Kendall shares a candid story about a disengaged executive, using humor and practical tips to emphasize the importance of active participation. They explore techniques to reengage attendees, from calling out names to initiating pauses that break the monotony. The discussion extends to the unique dynamics of tech teams, particularly with introverted developers, and highlights the value of strong communication skills.

By addressing common misconceptions about introversion and extroversion, this episode offers insightful strategies for fostering better communication and collaboration in any industry.

Overcoming Anxiety in Meetings

Managing energy and anxiety in professional settings is crucial for neurodivergent and introverted individuals, especially when it comes to speaking up in meetings. Ashley Crosby explain how anyone can identify their energy cycles and organize their day to maximize productivity. Emphasizing the importance of mindfulness, they explore strategies to mitigate anxiety and build confidence, such as preparation and self-awareness. The discussion delves into the significance of being present, actively engaging in meetings, and fostering emotional intelligence. By adopting these techniques, listeners can enhance their communication skills and achieve greater success in their professional interactions.

Episode’s key takeaways

💡 Importance of Authenticity in the Workplace

🗣️ Developing a Noticeable Communication Style

🧠 Emotional Awareness and Presence

🤝 Building Confidence in Communication

📚 Tailoring Communication Strategies

📝 Practical Tips for Effective Communication

📈 Adapting to Different Environments

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 2:04 Developing a Noticeable Communication Style
  • 3:10 the acronym PEP: Preparation, Emotional awareness, and Presence.
  • 6:13 Preparation for Meetings
  • 7:03 Know your audience and set an agenda for effective meetings.
  • 8:13 Read the room and adjust your communication style accordingly.
  • 10:07 Building Confidence in Communication
  • 15:19 Addressing anxiety and shyness in communication.
  • 26:31 Tailoring Communication Strategies